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Friday, November 16, 2007

Reuploading....Please Wait........OK!!

Sorry, I'm reuploading the files to new servers and wll be back in a few hours.

I don't know what's wrong with this f**king font cops...All the fonts I posted were legal and

available in most of the font sites & they are reporting these as illegal. F**k em..


Tired said...

They are being taken out by the font police because they are illegal to distribute for free. It don't know whose you've been hawking but...

Allegro is owned by Bitstream, Image Club (now Monotype), even Dan X. Solo and others

Amazone is owned by Bitstream -- which was their rip off of Fredrika, Amazonia and Amapola

Banana Split is an illegal rip off of Candice.

Affair is owned by Suditpos - and one of their new faces (why would you think it was a shareware/freeware, etc. to be given away?)

English Script was a rip off of another well known font.

Chopin Script is a rip off of Polonaise - owned by URW

Please be careful when posting what is truly freeware or shareware. Check the info on the font - check with commercial vendors on line to see what you are giving away is truly legit.

Then you won't have to worry about any font police - ever.

Thanks for listening.

fontmaster said...

OK tired,
Now check these sites first
You can get all these fonts frm here, --SO BETTER BAN THEM FIRSTTTT--



BANANA SPLIT!42592~PT_Banana_Split~font.html

ENGLISH SCRIPT!2084~English~font.html


CHOPIN SCRIPT!19432~Chopin_Script~font.html

fontmaster said...

& they are also distributing them all as free.